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What is Hardox steel sheet ?

Hardox sheet is a wear resisting steel brand that is resistant to friction and impact produced by SSAB company.      

Where is Hardox Sheet used?

Hardox Sheet is used in areas that require resistance to abrasion (eg, sieves used in mines, damper floors) 
and resistance to impacts (eg: excavator bucket, damper floors, crushers, etc.).


What are the technical properties of Hardox sheet ?

You can reach the technical properties of Hardox Sheets in our stocks from the articles linked below.

Hardox 400 (steel with a hardness of 400 brinell or 40 rockwell)

Hardox 450 (450 brinell or 45 rockwell steel)

Hardox 500 (steel with a hardness of 500 brinell or 50 rockwell)


What are the Hardox Sheet sizes?

Hardox Sheet sizes in our stocks start from 2mm thickness and reach up to 100mm thickness. 
For more information about the size, you can contact quickly by clicking the whatsapp button and request stock.


Prices of Hardox sheet

Hardox sheet prices in our stocks range from 1.75 € to 3 €. 
You can get the  most reliable information on this subject quickly by clicking the whatsapp button.